Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mr Kelah @a.k.a abg Sulong Dalam Keluarga Tengas

Scientific name
Tor tambroides; Tor tambra

English name
Malaysian Red Mahseer; Thai Red Mahseer; Greater Brook Carp

Local names
Kelah (Peninsular Malaysia), Empurau/Semah (Sarawak), Pelian (Sabah)

Salient features
Large strong head, thick lips with median lobe lower lip. Body cylindrical with slight compression; large scales. Colour ranges from pale to bright red. Fins range from pink to red to blue. Large forked tail and rudder-like anal fin.

Indian, Myanmar, Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra.

Medium to large rivers with rocky, sandy and leafy bottom. Prefers highly oxygenated water and dark environment.

Stations itself in prime lies where its needs of security, shelter and food it readily served. May forage in shallow areas or close to rapids when it is assured of security. A very shy fish.

Jungle fruits, insects, crustaceans. When mature, it may forage on small baitfish.

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